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Molly Bawn

Come all you young fowlers who carries a gun
Don't ever go a-shooting by the setting of the sun
I was once a brave young fowler, as you may understand
And I shot my own true love, I took her for a fawn.

She was going to her uncle when the rain it came on
She went under a tree for to let the rain pass
With her apron all around her, I took her for a fawn
Oh, I never would have shot my own Molly Bawn.

And when he came to her, and found it was she
His limbs, they were shaking, his eyes could not see
His heart it was broken with sorrow and with grief
And he implored up to heaven to give him relief.

Young Jimmy went home with his gun in his hand
Saying, "Father, dearest Father, I have done what's wrong
With her apron all around her, I took her for a fawn
Oh, alas, and alas, I shot my Molly Bawn."

I wrapped her fair temples, and found she was dead
A torrent of tears for my true love I shed
And now I'll be forced by the laws of the land
For the killing of my darling, my trial for to stand.

And the day of her funeral, her spirit it appeared
Saying, "Uncle, dearest Uncle, do not hang my dear
With my apron all around me, he took me for a fawn
Oh, he never would have shot his own Molly Bawn."

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