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Mickey Marley had a wee horse
Kept it at the back of the house of course.
It wouldn't eat grass and it wouldn't eat hay But
it would eat sugar lumps all the day.

Mickey got some wood and wheels for a start And
then he sat down and made a wee cart.
He hammered and he hammered and he footered about Until
he'd built a Roundabout.

( chorus )
Round and round and up and down,
Through the streets of Belfast town All
the children laugh and shout,
Here comes Mickey's Roundabout.

Mickey goes from street to street A
penny a time and take your seat.
A hobby-horse or a motor car Just
jump on and hold the bar.

The children's faces shine with glee That's
what Mickey loves to see.
If you haven't got a penny and your Ma's gone out You'll
still get on his Roundabout

( repeat chorus )

Then alas to his dismay The
Roundabout was burnt one day.
Mickey lost everything he had And
all the children were so sad.

But Mickey's friends all gathered 'round From
every part of Belfast town.
They hammered and they hammered and they footered about A
nd built him a brand new Roundabout.

( repeat chorus twice )
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