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Lady Fair

A lady fair in a garden walkin'
When a well dressed gentleman came ridin' by
He stepped up to her, all for to view her
An he said "Fair lady, would you fancy I?"
I am no lady but a poor maiden
An a poor girl of low degree,
Therefore young man seek another sweetheart
I am not fitting your serving maid to be.

2. And oh, kind sir, I have a lover
Tho' 'tis seven long years since I did him see.
And seven years more I will wait upon him
For if he's living he'll return to me.
Perhaps your lover is dead or drownded
Or maybe sailing all on the sea.
Or maybe he is another's husband
And he will never return to thee.
3. O, if he's married, I wish him happy,
And if he's dead, sure, I wish him rest;
No other young man will e'er enjoy me
For he's the one that I love the best.
He put his hand into his bosom
His lily white fingers they were long and small;
He took out the ring that was broke between them
And when she saw that she down did fall.
4. He took her up all in his arms,
He gave her kisses most tenderly;
Saying "You're my jewel and I'm your single sailor
And now at last I've won home to thee.
I am you true and your single sailor
You thought was drownded all in the sea.
But I've passed over all my toil and trouble
And I've come home, love, to wed with thee.".

5. Come all young maidens, now heed my story
Don't slight your true love and he on the sea;
And he'll come home and make you his own,
And he'll take you over to Americay.
Note: only half a verse

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