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Going to Mass Last Sunday

Courting is a pleasure between my love and I
And it's down in yonder valley, I will meet her by and by
It's down in yonder valley, she is my heart's delight
Oh Molly, lovely Molly, I'll be with you till morning light.

I put my hand into my pocket, and a bottle I pulled out
Saying, "Take this, my lovely Molly, our love is at its height"
She said, "You drink from the top, leave the bottom unto me
There are wagers laid and money placed that married we'd never be."

While going to Mass last Sunday, my love she passed me by
I knew her mind was altered by the roving of her eye
I knew her mind was altered to a lad of high degree
Oh, Molly, lovely Molly, your looks are haunting me.

Farewell to all my loyal friends, likewise to Banishore
And twice farewell to my own true love, I'll never see no more
Amerikay lies far away, it's the place I'd love to be
For cursed are them and blessed are they that parted my love and me.

If you ever meet a dark-haired girl with a blue and a roving eye
Just take her in your arms, don't ask her the reason why
Just take her in your arms, till you find her heart must yield
For a faint-hearted soldier never won a battlefield.
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