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Have you ever been in love, me boys, Oh! have you felt the pain?
I'd rather be in jail, I would, than be in love again.
Tho' the girl I love is beautiful, and I'd have you all to know
That I met her in the garden where the praties grow.

cho: She was just the sort of creature that nature did intend
To walk throughout the world, my boys, without the Grecian Bend*,
Nor did she wear the chignon, I'd have ye all to know
And I met her in the garden where the praties grow.

Says I, "My lovely colleen, I hope you'll pardon me."
But she wasn't like the city girls who'd say "You're making free."
She answered me right modestly, and curtsied very low,
"You're welcome in the garden where the praties grow."

Says I, "My lovely darling, I'm tired of single life
And if you've no objections, I will make you my sweet wife."
Says she,"I'll ask my parents, and tomorrow you shall know
If you'll meet me in the garden where the praties grow."

Her parents they consented, and we're blessed with children three
To girls just like their mother, and a boy the image of me.
We'll train them up in decency, the way they ought to go
And I'll ne'er forget the garden where the praties grow.
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