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Fare thee well until we meet again down by the Liffey water
I'll bid larewell to Dublin and her streets of cobblestones
I'm going away to leave you, my friends and all the girls too
Till I return to see you farewell old Dublin town

To the City of our fathers where friend and foe have gathered
Where the Norman, Dane and Saxon have mingled with he Gael
Administered the kingdom and soon the Pale was reeling
To cradle Ireland's freedom in dear old Dublin town

Down by the river Poddle there was whiskey stout and coddle
it was there with all the gentle folk, we laughed and danced and sang
And courted with your daughters and swam around your waters
And seen our buildings slaughtered in dear Old Dublin Town

I remember in my childhood her mountains and her wild woods
I've read of all her heroes in a classroom as a boy
Of Thomas Street where Emmet died, in Sackville Street they
fought with pride Of when brave Wolfe Tone did ride through dear old Dublin town

Her poets they were many and her writers they were plenty
There was Swift with all his little men and Joyce's Molly Bloom
Our heroes they're an unsung gang there's Forty Coats and ould
Bang Bang And Zozimus who always sang of dear old.Dublin town

And now I'm standing on the Quay, my destiny's uncertain
Where fortunes have been lost and won with he dealing of a hand
The past it is a purple haze, the future is an untold maze
The present is another gaze at dear old Dublin Town

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