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Drunken Duncan

Poor old Duncan Ferguson's a man of great renown, He played against the Teddy Bears in dear old Dundee town,
Now Walter was defiant, he signed this gentle giant, So heaved on the red white and the blue,
As Jim McLean stood waving, 4 million a saving, he shouted out to Duncan, Too Ra Loo.

Now Duncan had a reputation on and off the park, he'd like to go out disco dancing especially after dark,
And during all his funking, we called him "Drunken Duncan", then big Duncan off the handle flew,
"Oh I see your not a Fenian", so the Judge said "I'll be lenient, go back and play for Rangers", Too Ra Loo.

The young men from Kirkcaldy they came to Govan Town, and Duncan's big bad temper now was sure to let him down,
Jock McStay said "your no worth four million" so he nutted him a dull yin, and Jock McStay his face was black and blue,
Big Duncan's reputation cost him his occupation, so they kicked out of Ibrox, Too Ra Loo.

Alas for Human kindness every doggie has it day, and Duncan had to pay the price for nutting Jock McStay,
The magistrate Mawhinnie, he sent him to Barlinnie, and he had to share a cell with Burnie to,
So let's sing in jubilation, "Farewell to this Freemason", to poor old Drunken Duncan,
Too Ra Loo.

 (Copyrights reserved Charlie and the Bhoys)
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