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We remember back in time in the year of '69
You unleashed your dogs of war onto our streets
We could not stand idly by and let our families die
We fought you back and joined the IRA

So stuff your f-ing crown we Irish won't lie down and give away our guns to foreign lands
No semtex not our guns will you ever get from us
You can stick your decommissioning up your arse

Well you murdered free young men and you'll do the same again
Decommissioning you will never ever see
As long as we have men like those famous fighting men
Yes those famous fighting men from Crossmaglen


In memory of the ten they were Ireland's bravest men
We will not forget the ones who fought and died
Decommissioning you can see will never ever be
'Cause the IRA will always be around


You can tell the RUC those black bastards from Drumcree
You'll never march down Garvaghy road
If you want to make a fight we will stand up for our rights
You can take your fucking march and give us peace


Now Trimble you're an ass if you think that it will last
Six counties are under tyranny
You can tell wee Tony Blair and Mo Mowlam if you dare
They can stick their decommissioning up their ass


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