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Daddy Is Gone To The Fair
Francis A Fahy

DaddyŽs gone off to the fair
Just before daylight was peeping, O
Daddy went off on the mare
While his wee laddy was sleeping, O

What will he bring from the fair?
What will he bring for his laddy O?
FairinŽs he bring on the mare
FairinŽs for Mammy and Daddy O

The best top they have in the town:
And a whistle to set the house crazy O
A stool by the fire to sit down
When somebodyŽs sleepy and lazy O

A ballad about Granuaile;
A paper with all the grand news in it
How Ireland is winning the day
And how her ould enemyŽs losing it.

When he comes back from the fair
Oh Žtis we will then have the merry go!
HeŽll hoist his boy up in the air
And show him the shores of America.

HeŽll take him on top of his knee
And trot him round Ireland and home again:
Over the hills to Kilkee,
And back by the boreen heŽll come again.

HeŽll call him his pet and his star
As if no one loved him as well as he
HeŽll kiss him a thousand times oŽer
Til Mammy is dying with jealousy!

Troth, it is the time he was here
Lonesome and long youŽve been waiting him
And hereŽs the potatoes so clear
Asking us when weŽll be ating Žem.

Arrah! Who is that out at the gate?
Who is that calling for Paddy O?
Let us run out or weŽre late!
WhoŽll be the first to meet Daddy O
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