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Come Up the Stairs

young Molly was handsome and pretty I've washed and put on me new coat
and off to the mainland a courtin' I went in me small little boat


Come up the Stairs, up the stairs, Come up the Stairs Molly O
Come up the Stairs, up the Stairs, bring something to warm me old bones

well I' hadn't gone more than four furlongs no more than ten minutes afloat
when a big wave came up and capsized us meself and me small rowin' boat
well up came great big sea serpent he was forty long feet now or more
and he'd one look myself and me features and he offered to take to to shore


"oh where are you goin' in such weather?" "I was going courtin' Molly,"says I.
"For there's no young ones left on the island so how's a young man to get by?"


why don't you and Molly get married and then you can both stay at home
for it's better to suffer in marriage than cathin' your death in the cold


well tonight I will ask her to marry and I'm hopin' that she will agree
for I'd rather be poor and be married than riskin' me life in the sea
Come up the Stairs, up the stairs, Come up the Stairs Molly O
Come up the Stairs Come up the Stairs, it's yourself can be warmin'me bones

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