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Born In Ireland

I was born here in Ireland
But a foreign land called me away
Now I've come back to see my hometown
And my friends of yesterday
Gone are the old folks friendly faces
And the friends I used to know
So many things have changed in Ireland
Since I left it long ago

Trees are planted on the farmland
That we used to till and sow
Strangers sit around the fireside
Strangers names are on the door
Other people sing the new songs
Songs of which I do not know
I remember Mama sang the old songs
Back in Ireland long ago


When I die please take me back to Ireland
Where I'm free from worry and from care
And lay me down by Mom and Daddy
And let me sleep forever there
And when it's springtime in the mountains
And the purple heather glows
I'll be happy here in Ireland
As in the days of long ago

Rpt. last verse

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