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Twenty years ago last Christmas
Came a tempter to my wife
Stole the only flower I cherished
And I vowed I'd have his life
In the street one day I met him
In my eyes that villain grinned
Then the curse of pain o'er came me
It was on that very day I sinned

Sure I dream as the hammer strike the anvil
And I dream as the sparks slide on the floor
Of my blue-eyed turtle dove
She's the only girl I loved
As she stood outside that good old smithy door

Twelve months passed then came my trial
In the court I saw my wife
And as I heard her beg for mercy
As they sentenced me to life
Twelve long years I read her letters

Only comfort I can tell
When I heard that she was dying
'Twas then my lonely spirits fell


Late one night I dodged the warder
O'er the prison wall I sprang
I got home footsore and weary
At the breaking of the dawn
She was glad so glad to see me
In my arms that night she died
When the warders rushed the doorway
They found me kneeling there inside
When they saw her lifeless body
And I kneeling on the floor
They said Jack my lad we trust you
Come back when you've laid her low


Last 2 lines to finish

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