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Donald Findlay QC is an ugly man, and is dumb as any dam kid
And when you mention I.R.A. he dam near flips his lid
Words like T.A.I.G. taig, or C.E.L.T. celt, these
are words that make his funny wig and sideburns melt

Because his B.I.G.O.T.R.Y. became final today,
Because he sang about the T.I.Ms and then he ran away,
That's why I've spelt some of these words, so as the Huns can't speak,
And that's why we are going to win the L.E.A.G.U.E. league.

And then came Jock Brown's brother Craig, a loyalist through and through,
He sang song like F.T.P. and now he's trying to sue,
He denies singing any songs about the Pope, the Provos or the Papes,
The silly little man doesn't know that his girlfriend got a T.A.P.E. tape.


And then came big John Greig me boys, plane for all to see,
Mimicking a flute with a big screw top with some Huns from Bramalea,
That's why I've spelt out some of these words, so as the Huns will never na,
Words like T.I.O.C.F.A.I.D.H. tiocfaidh ar la.

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