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Barbara Allen

In Scarlet town, where I was born, there was a fair maid dwellin'
Made every youth well rue the day, her name was Barb'ry Allen.

'Twas early in the month of June, when the small birds they were singin'
Young Jimmy Broe on his deathbed lay for love of Barb'ry Allen.

He sent his servant out one day to the place where she was dwellin'
"My master wants a word with you my bonnie Barb'ry Allen."

"One word from me he ne'er shall have, nor any young man livin'
No better, no better, he e'er shall have for I know his heart is breaking."

"Rise up, rise up," her mother cried, "and go and see this
young man"
"Oh mother, oh mother, don't make me go, for I do love no one."

Slowly, slowly, she got up, and slowly she put on her
And slowly slowly to the sick man's bed, "Young man, I hear you're dyin'."

"I'm dying in this very bed, the death lies in my bosom
One kiss from you would restore my health, my bonnie Barb'ry Allen."

"One kiss from me you ne'er shall get, nor any young man living
No better, no better, you e'er shall have, young man I know you're dyin'.

Don't you remember last Saturday night, you were in the alehouse drinkin'
You drank a health to all the girls, and you slighted Barb'ry Allen."

 "Oh I remember last Saturday night, I was in the alehouse drinkin'
I drank the health of all around, but my love was for Barb'ry Allen."

He turned his pale face to the wall, his friends all gathered round him
"Adieu, adieu," he said to all, "But be kind to Barb'ry Allen."

As she made her journey home, she heard the small birds singin'
And with every note they seemed to say, "Cruel-hearted Barb'ry Allen."

When she reached her lovely home, her heart was filled with sorrow
"Oh mother, mother, make my bed, for I will die tomorrow."

"Oh father, father, dig my grave, and dig it long and narrow
Young Jimmy died for me tonight, and I'll die for him tomorrow."

She was buried in the old churchyard, Jimmy was buried beside her
From Jimmy's grave grew a red, red rose, from Barb'ry's a green briar.

They grew to the top of the old church wall till they could grow no higher
They knotted and entwined in a lover's knot, the rose around the briar.
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