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The Banks of Sweet Dundee

It's of a farmer's daughter, so beautiful, I'm told
Her parents died and left her a large amount of gold
She lived with her uncle, the cause of all her woe
But you soon shall hear how this maiden fair did prove his overthrow.

Her uncle had a ploughboy, young Mary loved quite well
In her uncle's garden, their tales of love did tell
There was a wealthy squire who oft came her to see
But still she loved her ploughboy on the banks of Sweet Dundee.

'Twas on a Monday morning her uncle went straightway
He knocked on this maiden's door and this to her did say
"Arise, arise, my pretty maid, a lady you can be
The squire is waiting for you on the banks of Sweet Dundee."

"I care not for your squires, your lords or dukes likewise
My Willie he appears to me as diamonds in the skies"
"Begone, unruly female, you never shall happy be
For I will banish Willie from the banks of Sweet Dundee."

Her uncle and the squire went out to walk next day
"Young Willie was in favor," her uncle he did say
"But I'll get a hemp rope, and I'll tie him to a tree
And then I'll bribe a press gang on the banks of Sweet Dundee."

The press gang came on Willie, while he was all alone
He bravely fought for liberty, but they were six to one
His blood flew in torrents, "Pray kill me now," said he
"For I will die for Mary on the banks of Sweet Dundee."

As Mary was out walking, lamenting for her love
She met the wealthy squire, down by her uncle's grove
He threw his arms around her, "Stand off, bad man," said she
"You sent the only lad I loved from the banks of Sweet Dundee."

He put his arms around her, and tried to throw her down
A pistol and sword she spied beneath his morning gown
She took the pistol from him and the sword he used quite free
She did fire and she shot the squire on the banks of Sweet Dundee.

Her uncle overheard the noise, and he hastened to the ground
"If you have killed the squire, I'll give you your death wound"
"Stand off, bad man," said Mary, "and daunted I'll ne'er be"
The trigger she drew and her uncle slew on the banks of Sweet Dundee.

A doctor he was called upon, a man of noted skill
After him a lawyer, for her uncle to sign his will
He willed his gold to Mary, who fought so manfully
He closed his eyes, no more to rise, on the banks of Sweet Dundee.
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