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Bandit Song, The
Westan James

Oh I am a Rover, I roam the land over,
and I'll never settle until I get caught.
From village to township my sword hangs at my hip, an'
you'll never catch me I'll always be sought.

We hold the highways and we hold the hills
steal your silver make off with your tills
call down your kingsmen - we quicken our pace
Drive hard for the forest we live for the chase!

A knave so beguiling that while your still smiling
before you know it I've got all your gold.
And I am so dashing I'll escape the thrashing
so damnably vexing I'll live till I'm old.

We have the forest and we have the moors,
rustle your cattle and take what is yours.
Call the High Sheriff we couldn't care less!
Torture us glady we'll never confess!

No you cannot beat me nor ever defeat me.
I am but a sinner and I have no shame.
To filch all that glimmers purloin all that shimmers.
To nab it and grab it that's our favorite game.

We hold the alley and we hold the night.
We're always ready and willing to fight.
Put all your money right here in the sack!
Just do as we say, there's a knife at your back!

Ah we are hellacious, our greed is voracious
and no one is safe above our plans and schemes
Rogue's from a nightmare, we burgle with great care and
if you can hear this we've stolen your dreams.

We rule the backlands and we know the waste,
sneak into the village and ride off in haste.
We rob and we plunder and sunder and kill,
we wreck and we ruin and threaten with skill.

Yes we're here to scare you to trap and ensnare you,
rakish young devils we scoff at the law!
Remarkably daring, our nostrils a flaring,
make off with yer chattel our plans have no flaw!

We'll take the booty and we'll take the loot!
We all have daggers concealed in our boot.
Call the kings horses and all the lawmen,
we'll just evade them again and again.

Yes we are all blackguards, raise up all the tankards
and drink to the wild ways that led us astray.
Sometimes we are charming but most times alarming,
don't ever forget us or be our next prey!

We hide in shadows and hide behind trees.
We prove that there is no honor among thieves
We'll count up the gain, and you'll count up the loss.
Where is my dagger? In your gullet boss!

So in conclusion we thrive on illusion.
We're all in collusion, keep secrets or die.
We all conspire, around the campfire.
Make plans to go straight, of course I'd never lie.
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