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Aiden McAnespie

It was on a sunday Evening
The sun shone in the sky
As he walked on his way to the Gaelic ground
Never thinking he was going to die
As he crossed the checkpoint
The sound of gunfire came
As the news spread through the borders
Aiden McAnespie was slain

Oh why did you do it
Have you not the guts to say
You say it was an accident
Or even a a richochet
But like Rockall or Gibralter
Your lies are well renowned
You murdered Aiden McAnespie
On his way to the football Ground

For years he was harrased
By the forces of the Crown
As he went to work each morning
Out from his native town
The soldiers swore they'd get him
For reasons no one could say
And sure enough the murdered him
In cold blood that sunny day


To say it was an accident
Was the greatest crim of all
To his heart broken family
Was the worst that can befall
A cross that marks that lonely spot
Where Aiden he was shot down
As he walked that Sunday evening
On his way to the gaelic ground


Aidens life has ended
It was time for judgement day
A soldier jumped out from a tower
And the coward he sniped away
Gods curse on you England
For this cruelty that you have done
But god will have the final say
When your day of judgement comes


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