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Brewster: Ballads and Songs of Indiana             43
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"The Two Sisters." Contributed by Mrs. A. W. Corn, of Winslow, Indiana. Pike County. July 1, 1935.
1.     There was an old lady of the North Countree, And she had daughters two or three;
I'll be true, true to my love If my love be true to me.
2.     There was a young man came courting there, And took the youngest of the three (maidens fair?);
I'll be true, true to my love If my love be true to me.
3.   "Sister, O Sister, come let us walk out
And see the ships a-sailing about!" I'll be true, true to my love If my love be true to me.
4.     And they walked out on the salt sea brim, And the oldest pushed the youngest in;
I'll be true, true to my love If my love be true to me.

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