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pointing motion repeated at this level. At the third "Leave the sky!" the staffs are raised to the level of the dancers' eyes and the same pointing movement repeated. At the fourth "Leave the sky!" the level of the staffs is raised to a line with the top of the head and the point­ing motions again given. At the last line, "Stormy clouds, begone!" the staffs and flags should be raised aloft and waved with precision to the rhythm of the song. The steps and movements of the body should be that of backward and forward, to give a pulsating effect, all in exact time with the music. The drum should be beaten in I time, the first and third stroke heavier than the second and fourth. This series of movements con­stitutes the Appeal to the East.
The dancers next turn to the North, repeat the song and all the movements of staff and body in exactly the same manner.
The dancers now turn toward the West and go through the song and movements without any variation.
They then turn toward the South and repeat song and movements as before. This brings the First Appeal to a close.
Second Appeal
All the dancers gather in a loose group in the center of the open space, where they divide into two lines that must cross each other at right angles. When this cross-figure is formed, all, as they stand, should face the East. The staffs should be held at an angle similar to that of a baton and then swayed to the rhythm of the following song of pleading and of hope:
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