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The Law That the Lord Has Ordained-From Psalm 19 The Law of God Is Good and Wise-Matthias Loy The Life Which God's Incarnate Word-From the Latin The Light Along the Ages-William Tarrant The Light of Bethlehem-John Tabb The Light of God Is Falling-Louis Benson The Light of My Heavenly Home-Trueman Light The Light of the Holy City-Ada Blenkhorn The Light of the World Is Jesus-Philip Bliss The Light upon the Way-Lura Callin The Lights of Home-Fanny Crosby The Lily of the Valley-Charles Fry The Lion That on Sampson Roared-John Newton The Lion of Judah-Fanny Crosby The Little Cares Which Fretted Me-Elizabeth Browning The Lodestone-John Newton The Lookout Answers, All Is Well-Ralph Atkinson The Lord Almighty Is My Light-The Psalter The Lord Almighty Reigns-The Psalter The Lord Appears My Helper Now-Isaac Watts The Lord Arose-Eliza Sherman The Lord Ascendeth Up on High-Arthur Russell The Lord Be with Us-John Ellerton The Lord Bless You and Keep You-Peter Lutkin The Lord Descended from Above-Thomas Sternhold The Lord Has Heard and Answered Prayer-The Psalter The Lord Hath Helped Me Hitherto-Amaialie Juliane The Lord Hath Risen-Kate Burr The Lord I Will at All Times Bless-The Psalter The Lord Is Come-Isaac Watts The Lord Is Come!-Arthur Stanley The Lord Is Coming-Anonymous ca The Lord Is Coming By and By-Elisha Hoffman The Lord Is Great-From Psalm The Lord Is King!-Darley Terry The Lord Is King!-Fanny Crosby The Lord Is King!-Josiah Conder The Lord Is My Light-James Nicholson The Lord Is My Shepherd-James Montgomery The Lord Is Our Trust-Will Maupin The Lord Is Rich and Merciful-Thomas Lynch The Lord Is Ris'n Indeed-Wilson Hogue before The Lord Is Risen Indeed!-Thomas Kelly The Lord Is in His Holy Place-Nikolai Grundtvig The Lord Jehovah Reigns(1)-Isaac Watts The Lord Jehovah Reigns(2)-Isaac Watts The Lord Knows Why-Johnson Oatman The Lord My Pasture Shall Prepare-Joseph Addison The Lord My Shepherd Holds Me-The Psalter The Lord My Shepherd Is-Isaac Watts The Lord Our God Alone Is Strong-Caleb Winchester The Lord Our God Is Clothed with Might-Henry White The Lord Our Savior Is the Way-William Mason The Lord Proclaims His Grace Abroad-William Cowper The Lord Upholds the Faltering Feet-The Psalter The Lord Who Has Remembered Us-From Psalm The Lord Will Come Some Day-Garland Shirley The Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow-John Milton The Lord Will Come! The Earth Shall Quake-Reginald Heber The Lord Will Happiness Divine-William Cowper The Lord Will Provide-Martha Cook The Lord and King of All Things-Anatolius ca The Lord at First Had Adam Made-Traditionl carol The Lord in Zion Reigneth-Fanny Crosby The Lord of Earth and Sky-Charles Wesley The Lord of Glory Is My Light-Isaac Watts The Lord of Life Is Risen-Johann Lange The Lord of Might from Sinai's Brow-Reginald Heber The Lord of Sabbath Let Us Praise-Samuel Wesley Jr The Lord of the Harvest-Laura Newell The Lord unto His Christ Has Said-The Psalter The Lord's Good Time Is Coming-Jessie Pounds The Lord's My Redeemer-Mary Sparrow The Lord's My Shepherd-Scottish Psalter The Lord's Prayer-Uknown The Lord, How Wondrous Are His Ways-Isaac Watts The Lord, the Judge, Before His Throne-Isaac Watts The Lord, the Sovereign King-Isaac Watts The Lord, the Sovereign, Sends His Summons Forth-Isaac Watts The Lost Are Coming Home-James Morrow The Lost Chord-Adelaide Procter The Love That Rescued Me-Anonymous The Love That Seeks-Thomas Clark The Love of Christ Constraineth-Cara Evans The Love of God-Frederick Martin Lehman The Love of God Be with Us-John Kuhlman The Love of Jesus-Briggs Mitchell The Love of Jesus Only-Anna Storrey The Loving Little Ones-E Unangst The Lowly Child-Charles Brown The Magi Came from Lands Afar-F Cozens The Maker of the Sun and Moon-Laurence Housman The Man Is Ever Blessed-Isaac Watts The Man That Fears the Lord-The Psalter The Man Who Once Has Found Abode-From Psalm The Man of Galilee-John Lozier The Manger-Babe-Salathial Kirk The Maple Leaf Forever-Alexander Muir The Marriage Supper-Frederick Rimanoczy The Master Comes! He Calls for Thee-Emily Crawford

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.

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