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Thou Judge by whom each empire fell

1. Thou Judge by Whom each empire fell,
When pride of power o’ercame it,
Convict us now, if we we rebel,
Our nation judge, and shame it.
In each sharp crisis, Lord, appear,
Forgive, and show our duty clear:
To serve Thee by repentance.

2. Search, Lord, our spirits in Thy sight,
In best and worst reveal us;
Shed on our souls a blaze of light,
And judge, that Thou may’st heal us.
The present be our judgment day,
When all our lack Thou dost survey:
Show us ourselves and save us.

3. Lo, fearing naught we come to Thee,
Though by our fault confounded;
Though selfish, mean, and base we be,
Thy justice is unbounded:
So large, it naught but love requires,
And judging, pardons, frees, inspires.
Deliver us from evil!

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