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Christ had regained the sky

Christ had regained the sky,
to send down whence he came
the promise from on high,
made in the Father's Name;
his own await the hour
that seals their coming power.

The mystic destined day
of sevenfold circling years
speeds onward on its way
to herald hopes and fears;
to set the bondmen free:
great year of Jubilee!

Within the temple there
in silence all lay hushed
down, at that hour of prayer,
sudden the whirlwind rushed!
Not voiceless as of old,
God's presence now it told.

And cloven tongues of flame
the Word’s full warmth inspire;
and from the Father came
the lamp of living fire,
to fill the faithful heart,
and light and life impart.

The Holy Ghost on each
the gift of tongues hath poured,
to tell in varied speech
rhe wonders of the Lord!
And Babel's work undone
he binds the Church in one.

Parthian and Elamite,
and strangers far and near,
Greek, Arab, Proselyte,
their own loved language hear:
all lands where man hath trod
shall hear the voice of God.

Though Israelites combine
with infidels to mock,
nor drunkenness nor wine
the faltering lips unlock,
but different tongues confess
God's truth in soberness.

Outspake the apostle bold,
how God fulfilled his word,
and prophets had foretold
the coming of the Lord;
by dream and vision known.
The Spirit seals his own.

Christ, may the Comforter
from God the Father come,
and grace and power confer,
and guide us to thy home!
Renew the face of earth,
and give the world new birth.

Latin, 8th century or earlier; trans. Edward Arthur Dayman (1807-1890), 1868


For Pentecost; literal rendering of Acts 2:1-16

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