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Words: Anna B. Russell
Music: Ernest O. Sellers

Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus

Capo: 3rd fret (G)-(D/F#)-(Csus2/E)-(Gmaj7/D)-(Csus2) There is (G)never a (D7/A)day so (G/B)drea(G)ry, There is (C)never a (E7/B)night so (Am)long,(Am/G) But the (D)soul that is (D/C)trusting (G/B)Je(G)sus Will (D/A)somewhere (A7)find a (D)song.(D7) Chorus 1 (G)Wonderful, wonderful (Am7)Je(D7)sus! In my heart (Ddim)He (D7)implanted a (G)song; (D7)A (G)song of de(D7/A)liverance, Of (G/B)courage, (G7)of (C)strength (Cm)In my (G/D)heart He (Gdim)im(D7sus4)plant(D7)ed a (G)song. (D/G)-(G)-(D/G) There is (G)never a (D7/A)cross so (G/B)hea(G)vy, There is (C)never a (E7/B)weight of (Am)woe, But that (D)Jesus will (D/C)help to (G/B)car(G)ry Be(D/A)cause He (A7)loves me (D)so.(D7) [Repeat Chorus 1] (D/G)-(E7sus4)-(E7) There is (A)never a (E7/B)care or (A/C#)bur(A)den, There is (D)never a (F#7/C#)grief or (Bm)loss(Bm/A), But that (E)Jesus in (E/D)love will (A/C#)light(A)en When (E/B)carried (B7)to the (E)cross.(E7) Chorus 2 (A)Wonderful, wonderful (Bm7)Je(E7)sus! In my (E7)heart (Edim)He (E7)implanted a (A)song; (E7)A (A)song of de(E7)liverance, Of (A)courage, (A7)of (D)strength (Dm)In my (A/E)heart He (Adim)im(E7sus4)plant(E7)ed a (A)song. (E7sus4) [Repeat Chorus 2] (E/A)-(D/E)-(A)
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