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This isn't a chord for chord transcription of the original but an adaptation for guitar.

Written and performed by Andrať Crouch
Album: The Classics Vol 1

Through It All

D Iíve had many tears and sorrows, Dm7 Iíve had questions for tomorrow, D7 G Thereíve been times I didnít know right from wrong; Gm But in every situation D God gave blessed consolation Em A7 D That my trials only come to make me strong. Iíve been to lots of places, And Iíve seen a lot of faces, Thereíve been times I felt so all alone; But in my lonely hours, Yes, those precious lonely hours, Jesus let me know I was His own. Chorus: D Through it all, G Through it all, A7 Iíve learned to trust in Jesus, D Iíve learned to trust in God: D Through it all, G Through it all, A7 D Iíve learned to depend upon His Word. I thank God for the mountains, And I thank Him for the valleys, I thank Him for the storms He brought me through; For if Iíd never had a problem I wouldnít know He could solve them, Iíd never know what faith in God Could do. Chorus
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