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Gene L. Graham []
Performers: Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper
Words and music by O'Dell McCloud


CAPO: 2nd FRET/KEY: A/PLAY: G [G] Here's a [G7] sad, but true [C] story - from the Bible it [G] came Was a chosen dis-[D] ciple - tho' I mention no [G] name He plan-[G7] ed with the [C] counsel - a pact reached that [G] day Thirty Pieces Of [D] Silver - was the price they would [G] pay. CHORUS [G] Thirty [G7] Pieces Of [C] Silver - thirty shekels of [G] shame Was the price paid for [D] Jesus - on the cross He was [G] slain Betray-[G7] ed and for-[C] saken - unloved and un-[G] claimed In anger they [D] pierced Him - but He died not in [G] vain. While there on the hilllside - the multitudes came And found our dear Saviour - then they took Him away They smote Him and mocked Him - for the crown 'round His head And His rainment of purple - showed the blood stains of red. CHORUS Far off in the mountains - with face toward the sun Judas begged mercy - for what he had done He gave back the silver - for his heart filled with strife And there in the mountains - he took his own life. CHORUS
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