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Performers: Big Tent Revival 
Words and music: Steve Wiggins and Dana Key
Transcribed by Shane LaFever and Matt Malone

Thief in the Night

Chords used: D A Bm B7 F#m E|----2--0--2---2---2----| B|----3--2--3---4---2----| G|----2--2--4---2---2----| D|----0--2--4---4---4----| A|-------0--2---2---4----| E|-------0----------2----| Intro: D A Bm A D A Bm A First Verse: D A Bm A Children in the dark searching all a-round D A Bm A Hidden in your spot, suddenly you're found A B7 D This is a game we used to play A B7 D But there are higher stakes these days Chorus: D F#m Like a thief in the night D F#m In the place where you hide Bm D F#m He will come like a thief in the night D F#m Like a thief in the night D F#m He will come for his bride Bm D F#m He will come like a theif in the night Second Verse: "Where is Jesus now?" asked the man of learning He will never show. Logic won't allow him These are the words that people say What words will they use that day Repeat Chorus Bridge: D And when he's here he'll shout A Erasing every doubt Bm And then they'll all cry out A A A D "Save us, save us, save us" Repeat Chorus Fade out.....
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