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From: "Nelman, Carl R" Carl.Nelman@west.boeing.com 

Take Our Bread

(chorus) (C) Take our bread, we (Am) ask you, take our (F) hearts, we (Dm7) love you, take our (C) lives, oh (Dm) Father, we are (G) yours, we are (C) yours. (C) Yours as we (Am) stand at the (C) table you (Am) set, (C) yours as we (Am) eat the bread our (Dm) hearts can't (G7) forget, (C) we are the (Am) sign of your (C) life with us (Am) yet, we are (Em) yours, (G) we are (Dm) yours. (G7) (chorus) (C) Your holy (Am) people standing (C) washed in your (Am) blood, (C) Spirit-filled yet (Am) hungry we a - (Dm) wait your (G7) food, we are (C) poor, but we've (Am) brought ourselves the (C) best that we (Am) could, we are (Em) yours, (G) we are (Dm) yours. (G7) (chorus)
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