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Words and music: Wayne Kirkpatrick/Amy Grant
Chords by: John Hughes, johnquixote@yahoo.com

Somewhere Down the Road

Capo 2 A D/A | A | So much pain and know the reason why D Bm | E E7 | Cried until the tears ran dry A D/A | A | Nothing here can make you understand D Bm | The one thing that you held so dear E/G# A |2/4 F#m | Is slipping from your hands (and you say) 4/4E E/G# A - |2/4 F#m Why, why, why |4/4 Bsus2 | Does it go this way E E/G# A - |2/4 F#m Why, why, why |4/4 Bsus2 B | All I can say F#m E/G# A - Somewhere down the road | D A | There'll be answers to the questions F#m E/G# A - Somewhere down the road | D E | Though we cannot see it now Bm E/G# F#m - Somewhere down the road | D C#7 |2/4 C#7 | You will find mighty arms reaching for you 4/4 D A/C# Bm7 - | And they will hold the answers 2/4 D/E | At the end of the road Interlude: F#m E/G# A - | D A D/F# - | F#m E/G# A - | D A D - | A D/A | A | Yesterday I thought I'd seen it all D Bm | E E7 | I thought I'd climbed the highest wall A D/A | A | Now I see the learning never ends D Bm | E/G# A | And all I know to do is keep on walking 2/4 F#m | Walking round the bend Chorus 2X Interlude
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