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From: Don Alich, dalich@arkons.lmsc.lockheed.com 
Written and Performed: Don Francisco
John 9

Since I Met Him

D A Now it's hard to describe what my life used to be D To someone who's always been able to see. D A You know I wasn't unhappy or bitter that way, D But everything's changed since I met Him that day. I was down at the corner just passing the time, Sitting in the sunlight and feeling it shine, When the sound of a crowd began to grow in my ear, So I waited and I listened as I heard them draw near. G Then a man stepped up to me and He spat on the ground. A He put the mud on my eyes and then He smeared it around. G Sent me off to Siloam to wash off the clay, A D And I opened my eyes and I looked at the day. G D G D And I have no idea how He did it, I just know what happened to me. G D A D D G A D Yesterday I was in darkness, but since I met Him I can see. When the Pharisees heard it they put me on trial, Even called in my parents and grilled them awhile, And when, at the end, I defended the man, Who had opened my eyes, the troubles began. I said "Ever since the beginning of time No one's opened the eyes of someone born blind. This man's sent from God, it just can't be denied"; And they cursed me and grabbed me and threw me outside. I really don't know how He found me. I just know He was talking to me. It was easy to tell by the sound of His voice He was the reason I see. And as soon as He spoke to me I couldn't hide The emotion that welled up from deep down inside And combined in the dreams that He made to come true, To kneel there and worship was all I could do And I called Him my Lord and Messiah For everything He'd done for me. Yesterday I was in darkness, But since I met Him I can see. And I call Him my Lord and my savior For everything He's done for me. Yesterday I was in darkness, C C F C But since I met Him, A A Asus A Since I met Him, G A D Since I met Him I can see. C D F C Since I met Him, Messiah A A Asus A Since I met Him, Messiah G A D Since I met Him I can see
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