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Note. This submission is the work of K5UYB & ZOOMER.
From: k5uyb@juno.com
Written & Recorded by: Martha Carson


REFRAIN: [1] I got that old-time Religion Got that [4] old-time re-[1]-ligion That is Why ... [5] I'm Satis-[1]-fied. Verse 1: [1] You ask me if I'm Happy If I [4] have peace With-[1]-in If I'm worried about Tomorrow When I [2] reach my journey's [5] End Well, I'm [1] Satisfied with my Jesus When He [4] knocks, I'll let Him [1] In He'll go with me through the [4] Valley for I [1] know [5] He is my [1] Friend. CHORUS: [1] Satis-[4]-fied, [Satisfied] Satis-[1] fied, [Satisfied] No troubles can ever get me [5] Down For when my [1] eyes have closed in Death With my [4] Jesus I'll be at [1] Rest Then you'll Know ... [5] I'm Satis-[1]-fied. REPEAT REFRAIN: Verse 2: Now If my friends, they all forsake Me And they turn me from their Door If they sow no seeds of Kindness Make the thorns in my path Grow Oh, it won't matter over Yonder When I've reached that other Side For I'm gonna sit down by my Jesus Satisfied, Satisfied. REPEAT CHORUS: REPEAT REFRAIN:
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