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From: Dan Lipton - Zalreich@earthlink.net
Louvin Bros, Ricky Scaggs version
Words and music: Grossman


        G         D          G To the river of Jordan, our savior went one day                            D               G And we read that John the Baptist met him there                              C When John baptized Jesus in Jordan's rushing waters      G              D              G The mighty power of God filled the air CHORUS:                        echo I'm on my way, (to the River of Jordan)                      D           echo I'm gonna wade right in, (in the rushing waters)             G             all                    C I'm going down (I'm going down to the River of Jordan)              G          D          G     And let the cool waters cleanse my soul King Naaman was stricken with dreaded leprosy And he sent for the man of God to pray But Elisha said to Naaman, go dip yourself in Jordan And let the cool water wash your spots away 2nd CHORUS So he went right in (to the River of Jordan) He went right in (in the rushing waters) to dip himself (he dipped himself in the River of Jordan) And the cool waters made him whole The River of Jordan is many miles away This mighty river I may never see But I'll find myself an altar, in an old fashioned church My River of Jordan that will be 1st Chorus 1st Chorus FROM ROUNDER CDAN 11 BLUE RIBBON BLUEGRASS RICKY SKAGGS & THE WHITES
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