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From: "Gene L. Graham" 
Performers: The Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys
Words and music: Alfred E. Brumley, Sr.

Thanks to "Brijet Neff" neff@svn.net for the little known second verse
"The only recorded version with three verses( that I could find) was
by Carl Story and his Rambling Mountaineers. It was recorded on 
Starday album 'Mighty Close To Heaven'."


INTRO: Play last two lines of chorus. CAPO: 4th Fret/KEY: F#/PLAY: D I wandered a-[D] gain - to my [A7] home in the [D] mountains Where in youths' early dawn - I was [E] happy and [A7] free [E] [A7] I looked for my [D] friends - but [A7] I never could [D] find them I found they were all - rank [A7] strangers to [D] me. [G] [D] CHORUS Ever'body I met (ECHO: ever'body I met) Seemed to [G] be a rank [D] stranger (seemed to be a rank stranger) No mother or dad (no mother or dad) ... Not a [E] friend could I [A7] see (not a [E] friend could I [A7] see) They knew not my [D] name (they knew not my name) And I [A7] knew not their [D] faces (and I knew not their faces) I found they were all (I found they were all) Rank [A7] strangers to [D] me (rank [G] strangers to [D] me). I searched every face for a sign of a loved one, and I asked everyone where the old folks could be. I went down the road to inquire of some neighbors, but found they were too, rank strangers to me. "They've all moved away" - said the voice of a stranger "To a beautiful home - by the bright crystal sea" Some beautiful day - I'll meet 'em in heaven Where no one will be - a stranger to me. CHORUS Source: THE BLUEGRASS HALL OF FAME, 1987 HIGHLAND MUSIC HT-105
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