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Words and music: John Smith


I'm (Fmaj7 tired and (F6) weary but (Bb6) I must toil (Bb) on, 'Til the (Fmaj7) Lord comes to (G7) call me (C7) away. (G7) (C7) Where the (Fmaj7) morning is (F6) bright, And the (Bb6) Lamb is the (Bb) light, And the (Fmaj7) night is as (G7) fair as (C7) the (F) day. Chorus There will be (Bb) peace in the valley for (Fmaj7) someday, There will be (F) peace in the (G7) valley for (C7) me, I (G7) pray. (C7) No more (F) sadness no (F7) sorrow or (Bb) trouble will (G7) be. There will be (F/C) peace in the (G7) valley (C7) fore (F) me. (Bbm) (F) There the flowers will be blooming, The grass will be green. And the skies will be clear and serene. The sun ever shines giving one endless beam, And no clouds there will never be seen. There the wolf will be gentle, The bear will be tame. And the lion will lay down with the lamb. The beast from the wild will be led by a child, And I'll be changed from the creature I am.
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