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From: JBooth9650  


INTRO--[G]--[D]--[C]--[G] 1.[G] THE BIBLE SAYS HE WALKED ON [C] WATER, HE [G] HEALED THE SICK AND THE [D] BLIND, HE [G] CONQURED TEMPTATIONS OF [C] SATAN, HE[G] TURNED [D] WATER TO [G] WINE. 2. [G] HE TOLD OF OUR HEAVENLY [C] FATHER, HOW HIS [G] LOVE FOR US WAS SO [D] TRUE. THEN HE [G] DIED ON THE CROSS TO RE[C]DEEM US, SHEDDING HIS [G] BLOOD FOR [D] ME AND FOR [G] YOU, CH. WITH HIS [C] VOICE HE CAN ROAR LIKE [G] THUNDER, BUT HIS TOUCH IS SOFT AND [D] KIND, HE WILL [C] BE OUR KING FOR[G]EVER, OUR LORD [D] JESUS DI[G]VINE, LEAD-SOLO-PICKIN OUT VERSE LINE. [G]-[C]-[G]-[D]-[G]-[C]-[G]-[D]-[G] 3. [G] NOW IF YOU'RE TIRED AND [C] WEARY, AND THE [G] BURDENS OF LIFE ARE TO [D] STRONG. [G] COME TO THE CROSS COME TO [C] JESUS, HE'LL GIVE YOU [G] STRENGTH TO [D] HELP YOU A[G]LONG. 4. THROUGH JESUS WE ALL HAVE SAL[C]VATION, YES [G] HE CAN FORGIVE US OUR [D] SINS, AND HE'S [G] BUILDING A NEW HOME IN [C] HEAVEN, WHERE WE'LL [G] ALL BE TO[D]GETHER WITH [G] HIM. CH.-- END-[G]-[D]-[C]-[G] Written by John Booth--12/95 I dedicate this song to public domain for the service of our Lord Jesus. Anyone wishing to use this song may do so, I do ask that if it is professionally recorded and sold that a portion of royalties be used for Gods work. For more information contact: JBooth9650
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