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Performed and written: Michael Card
Album: 'Life' trilogy
submitted by: Marek Vit marek@geocities.com


    C                                           C/B The Nazarene had come to live the life of every man        Am           Em            F And he felt the facination of the stars                                 G And as He wandered through this weary world    C           C/B Am   He wondered and He wept             F                  G             F  C  C/B For there were so few who's listen to His call Chorus: Am          Em7          F       C C/B          He came, He saw, He surrendered all Am         Em7            F2 So that we might be born again         F             G           C        C/B    Am And the fact of His humanity was there for all to see            F          G              F     G         C For He was unlike any other man and yet so much like me     C                                   The Nazarene could hunger and the Nazarene could cry     C/B      Am                  Em              F And He could laugh with all the fullness of His heart                       G             C         C/B     Am And those who hardly knew Him, and those who knew Him well        F              G                F     C  C/B Could feel the contradiction from the start Chorus 2x
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