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James McCormick mccormick1776@bellsouth.net
Starkville, Mississippi USA

{t:St. Patrick's Breastplate (a.k.a.,The Lorica)}
{c:Words: Attributed to St. Patrick (372-466)}
{c:Translated from the Gaelic by Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-1895)}
{c:Music: Traditional Irish Melody (The Deer's Cry?)}
{c:Hymn Adaptation: Charles Villiers Standford (1852-1924)}


[Dm]I [Gm]bind un-[Dm]to my-[Bb]self to-[F]day The [F]strong Name [F]of the [Bb]Trini-[F]ty, By [Eb]invo-[Bb]cation [Gm]of the [Eb]same The [Bb]Three in [Bb]One and [Gm]One in [Gm]Three. [Dm]I [Gm]bind this [Dm]day to [Bb]me [F]forever, By [F]power of [F]faith, Christ's [Bb]incar-[F]nation; His [Eb]baptism [Bb]in [Gm]Jordan [Eb]river, His [Bb]death on [Bb]Cross for [Gm]my sal-[Gm]vation; [F]His [Bb]bursting [Bb]from the [Cm]spicèd [Cm]tomb, His [Eb]riding [F]up the [Bb]heavenly [F]way; His [Eb]coming [Bb]at the [Gm]day of [Eb]doom: I [Bb]bind un-[Bb]to my[Gm]self to[Gm]day. [Dm]I [Gm]bind un-[Dm]to my-[Bb]self the [F]power Of [F]the great [F]love of [Bb]cheru-[F]bim; The [Eb]sweet 'Well [Bb]done' in [Gm]judgment [Eb]hour, The [Bb]service [Bb]of the [Gm]sera-[Gm]phim, [F]Con-[Bb]fessors' [Bb]faith, A-[Cm]postles' [Cm]word, The [Eb]Patriarchs' [F]prayers, the [Bb]prophets' [F]scrolls, All [Eb]good deeds [Bb]done un-[Gm]to the [Eb]Lord And [Bb]puri-[Bb]ty of [Gm]virgin [Gm]souls. [Dm]I [Gm]bind un-[Dm]to my[Bb]self to-[F]day The [F]virtues [F]of the [Bb]star-lit [F]heaven, The [Eb]glorious [Bb]sun's life-[Gm]giving [Eb]ray, The [Bb]whiteness [Bb]of the [Gm]moon at [Gm]even, [F]The [Bb]flashing [Bb]of the [Cm]lightning [Cm]free, The [Eb]whirling [F]wind's tem-[Bb]pestuous [F]shocks, The [Eb]stable [Bb]earth, the [Gm]deep salt [Eb]sea A[Bb]round the [Bb]old e-[Gm]ternal [Gm]rocks. [Dm]I [Gm]bind un[Dm]to my[Bb]self to-[F]day The [F]power of [F]God to [Bb]hold and [F]lead, His [Eb]eye to [Bb]watch, His [Gm]might to [Eb]stay, His [Bb]ear to [Bb]hearken [Gm]to my [Gm]need. [F]The [Bb]wisdom [Bb]of my [Cm]God to [Cm]teach, His [Eb]hand to [F]guide, His [Bb]shield to [F]ward; The [Eb]word of [Bb]God to [Gm]give me [Eb]speech, His [Bb]heavenly [Bb]host to [Gm]be my [Gm]guard. [Dm]A[Gm]gainst the [Dm]demon [Bb]snares of [F]sin, The [F]vice that [F]gives temp-[Bb]tation [F]force, The [Eb]natural [Bb]lusts that [Gm]war with-[Eb]in, The [Bb]hostile [Bb]men that [Gm]mar my [Gm]course; [F]Or [Bb]few or [Bb]many, [Cm]far or [Cm]nigh, In [Eb]every [F]place and [Bb]in all [F]hours, A-[Eb]gainst their [Bb]fierce hos-[Gm]tili-[Eb]ty I [Bb]bind to [Bb]me these [Gm]holy [Gm]powers. [Dm]A-[Gm]gainst all [Dm]Satan's [Bb]spells and [F]wiles, A-[F]gainst false [F]words of [Bb]here-[F]sy, A-[Eb]gainst the [Bb]knowledge [Gm]that de-[Eb]files, A-[Bb]gainst the [Bb]heart's I-[Gm]dola-[Gm]try, [F]A-[Bb]gainst the [Bb]wizard's [Cm]evil [Cm]craft, A-[Eb]gainst the [F]death wound [Bb]and the [F]burning, The [Eb]choking [Bb]wave, the [Gm]poisoned [Eb]shaft, Pro-[Bb]tect me, [Bb]Christ, till [Gm]Thy re-[Gm]turning. [G]Christ [C]be [G]with [D]me, [C]Christ [Am]with-[Em]in me, [Em]Christ [G]be-[C]hind [G]me, [Am]Christ [Em]be-[G]fore [D]me, [G]Christ [D]be-[C]side [Em]me, [Bm]Christ [D]to [Am]win [C]me, [G]Christ [C]to [G]com-[Em]fort [C]and [G]re-[Am]-[D]-store [G]me. [G]Christ [C]be-[G]neath [D]me, [C]Christ [Am]a-[Em]bove me, [Em]Christ [G]in [C]qui-[G]et, [Am]Christ [Em]in [G]dan-[D]ger, [G]Christ [D]in [C]hearts [Em]of [Bm]all [D]that [Am]love [C]me, [G]Christ [C]in [G]mouth [Em]of [C]friend [G]and st-[Am]ra-[D]n-[G]ger. [Dm]I [Gm]bind un[Dm]to my-[Bb]self the [F]Name, The [F]strong Name [F]of the [Bb]Trini-[F]ty, By [Eb]invo-[Bb]cation [Gm]of the [Eb]same, The [Bb]Three in [Bb]One and [Gm]One in [Gm]Three. [F]By [Bb]Whom all [Bb]nature [Cm]hath cre-[Cm]ation, E[Eb]ternal [F]Father, [Bb]Spirit, [F]Word Praise [Eb]to the [Bb]Lord of [Gm]my sal[Eb]vation, Sal[Bb]vation [Bb]is of [Gm]Christ the [Gm]Lord.
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