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From: Roger Peterson 
Words & Music: William J. Kirkpatrick


4/4 time 1. I've wan [A] dered far a [D] way from [A] God, Now I'm coming [E] home; The [A]paths of sin too [D] long I've [A] trod, Lord, I'm [E] coming [A] home. Chorus: Coming home, [D] coming home, [A] Nevermore to [E] roam, [A] Open wide Thine [D] arms of [A] love, Lord, I'm [E] coming [A] home. 2. I've wasted many [D] precious [A] years, Now I'm coming [E] home; I [A] now repent with [D] bitter [A] tears, Lord, I'm [E]coming [A] home. Chorus 3. I'm tired of sin and [D] straying, [A] Lord, Now I'm coming [E] home; I'll [A] trust Thy love, be [D] lieve Thy [A] Word, Lord, I'm [E] coming [A] home. Chorus 4. My soul is sick, my [D] heart is [A] sore, Now I'm coming [E] home; My [A] strength renew, my [D] hope re [A] store, Lord, I'm [E] coming [A] home. Chorus
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