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From: Winton White
Words and music: Don Francisco

Jesus is the Lord of the Way I Feel

Intro:  (power chords)(*=slide from a fret before the note) (each space between two "-" is 4 counts) *B-*C-*B-D/D/DE/D *B-*C-*B-D/G Chorus G                        C Praise the Lord- Hallelu G                                D I don't care what the-devil's gonna do G                                       C The word and faith is my-sword and shield G                              D       G Jesus is the lord of-way I feel Chorus Verse 1                   D Though the fig tree shall not-blossom                      G Though there be no grapes-upon the vine                   D Though the olive tree shall-cast its fruit              G And the beild shall yield no-grains of grine                  C Though the flock shall all be-scattered                 G                   C        G And there be no cattle-in the stall       G The Lord is still my-joy and strength        A                         D And by his word he'll-change it all Chorus Verse 2        D The spirit of the-Lord is here C                        G And he has com-manded me      D To tell the news to-everyone        C                       G He's here to set the-captive free C So if you're broken-hearted G                        C               G Tired of all the-chains you wear       G The Lord is here to-heal you now        A                                D And break the power that-holds you there Chorus x 2 Intro G (1 strum)        C (1 strum) Praise the Lord-Hallelu   G (1 strum)  G (1 strum)     D I really don't care what the-devil's gonna do       G (1 strum)                C (1 strum) His word and faith is my-sword and shield G                                    D        G Jesus is the Lord of the-way I feel
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