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Performer: Pinmonkey
Words and music: Michael Reynolds
Transcribed by: Lesley crazycowgirl21@hotmail.com

Jar of Clay

Capo 1 [Em] Children do not weep for me When you [D] hear I'm dead and [Em] gone [C] In the Savior's arms I'll [G]be [D] Just like I told you all [Em] along When my soul leaves this earth And you go to put me in the ground Dig a place out of the dirt Say a prayer and lay my body down Chorus: [C] Make my coffin straight [G] and long [F#m] Wood that rots and nails that [Em] rust [C] Oh when my spirit's [G] gone [D] Let this jar of clay return to [Em] dust So do not seal me in a vault Or buy a tomb to lay me in Flesh and bone were met to rot And go back to the earth again Chorus x 2 Let this jar of clay return to dust (repeat twice)
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