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In the Stars

[G]In the stars His handi[C]work I see
[G]On the wind He speaks with [C]maje[D]sty
[Em]Though He ruleth over [C]land and [Am]sea
[D]What is [C]that to [D]me?

I will celebrate nativity
For it has a place in history
Sure He came to set His people free
But what is that to me?

[G]Till by faith I met Him [C]face to face
[D]And I felt the wonder [Gmaj7]of His grace
[C]Then I knew that He was [Am]more than just
A [D]God who didn't [C]care
That [D]lives a way up there
And [G]now He walks beside me [C]day by [D]day
[G]Ever watching o'er me [C]lest I [D]stray
[Em]Helping me to find the [C]narrow [Am]way
[D]He's every[D7]thing to [G]me

[D]He's every[D7]thing to [G]me
[D]He's every[D7]thing to [G]me
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