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Words and music: Jimmie Rodgers
Sung by "The Trio"

Hobo's Meditation

THIS IS IN 3/3 TIME; 3 BEATS PER MEASURE INTRODUCTION: D - A - F#M - B7 - E A E A Tonight as I lay on the boxcar D A Just waiting for a train to pass by D A What will become of the hobo B7 E Whenever his turn comes to die A E A There's a Master up yonder in Heaven D D flat Got a place that we might call our home D A F#M Willl we have to work for a living B7 E A Or can we continue to roam A D A Will there be any freight trains in Heaven D A Any boxcars in which we might hide D A Will there be any tough cops or brakemen B7 E Will they tell us that we cannot ride A E A Will the hobo chum with the rich man D D flat Will we always have money to spare D A F#m Will they have respect for the hobo B7 E A In that land that lies hidden up there INSTRUMENTAL: A - E - A - D - A - D - A - F#m - B7 - E - A REPEAT THE ABOVE
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