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Words and Music: A.H. Ackley


(G)-(Em)-(Am)-(Cm) (G/D)-(C/D)-(D7)-(G)-(D/G)-(C)-(G) (G)When your heart is aching, turn to Jesus, He's the dearest Friend that you can (Am)know; (D7)-(Am)You will find Him (D7)standing (B7)close be(Em)side you, (A7)Waiting peace and comfort to be(D)stow.(Daug) Chorus (G)Heartaches, take them all to (C6)Jesus, (D)Go to (C/D)Him to(D)day, Do it (G)now with(D7)out de(G)lay. Heartaches, take them all to (C)Jesus,(Cm) (G)He will take your (D7)heartaches all a(G)way. (D/G)-(C)-(G) (G)There is joy for ev'ry troubled sorrow, Sweet relief for ev'ry bitter (Am)pain(D7), (Am)Jesus Christ is (D7)still the (B7)great Phy(Em)sician, (A7)No one ever sought His help in (D)vain.(Daug) [Repeat Chorus] (D/G)-(C)-(G) (G)Jesus understands, whate'er the trouble, And He waits to heal your wounded (Am)soul.(D7) (Am)Will you trust His (D7)love so (B7)strong and (Em)tender? (A7)He alone can make your spirit (D)whole.(Daug) [Repeat Chorus] Take them all to (C)Jesus,(Cm) (G)He will take your (D7)heartaches all a(G)way. (D/G)-(C)-(G)
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