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Words and music: Dottie Rambo


(G) Amazing (C) grace shall always by my (F) song of praise (Fm) For it was (C) grace (G) that (C) bought my liber(D)ty (G) I do not (C) know just why He came to (F) love me so (Fm) He looked be(C)yond (F) my (C) fault and (F/G) saw (G) my (C) need Chorus: I (Dm) shall (G) for(C)ever (F) Lift mine (Em) eyes (Dm) to (C) Calvary To (Dm) view (G) the (Am) cross Where (F) Jesus (C) died for (D) me (G) How marvel(C)lous (Caug) the (F) grace That caught my (C) falling (Am) soul He (Fm) looked be(C)yond my fault And (F) sa(G)w my (C) need
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