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From: Gene L. Graham 
Performer: Cowboy Copas
Words and music: Unknown


INTRO: Last line of First Verse. CHORUS [D7] From The [G] Manger To The Cross, rugged [D] cross of calvary The [A7] road that Jesus walked, for you and [D] me, all a-[D7] lone [G] By this world forsaken, til He [D] shed His blood for me From The [A7] Manger To The Cross, the rugged cross of cal-va-[D] ry. [D] The story [D/F#] in The [D] Bible, it's a [G] message sad but [D] true The life our Savior lived on earth is [A7] told [D] Found up-[D/F#] on the [D] pages of The [G] Master's book of [D] truth Ev'ry word so [A7] precious to my [D] soul. [D7] CHORUS No earthly treasures did He own, He got no wealth or fame Weary was the path, He had to trod Here, He suffered many things, for this world knew Him not He died upon the cross, The Son of God. CHORUS SOURCE: 16 GREATEST HITS OF COWBOY COPAS/GUSTO SD-3102
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