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Performer: Michael Card
Chords: Steven Dethloff
Submitted by: Marek Vit 


Intro: A___________ E7sus  (4X) A             D             E               A2 You and me we use so very many clumsy words    D         D/C#    Bm7               E7 The noise of what we often say   is not worth being heard A                            D                E7              A2 When the Father's wisdom  wanted to     communicate  His Love    D        D/C#      Bm7          E7   EHe spoke it in one final perfect Word____ Chorus:    A                 Bm7               A/C#             E7sus He  spoke the   incarnation,  and then so  was born the son    A                 Bm7                             Esus  E His final Word was Jesus,   He needed no     other one       A                    Bm7                   A/C#           E7sus Spoke flesh and blood do He   could bleed    and make a way  divine     D      A/C#      Bm7             Esus      E         A And so was born the baby  who would die___ to make it mine Repeat intro And so the Father's fondest thought  took on flesh and bone He spoke the living luminous Word  at once His will was done And so the transformation that in man had been unheard took place in God the Father as He spoke that final Word Chorus A   E7sus        E                                 D               A               and so the Light  became  alive  and manna became Man   D        A        Bm7              D                   E    D E A Eternity stepped   into  time     so we could    understand Chorus at the end:     D      A/C#     Bm7               D     E                    A E7sus and so was born the Baby  who would  die_______  to make it mine______ Repeat  A - E7SUS and fade into thought
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