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By Joe Huffman and Aaron Brown


[C] Beautiful Sa[C7]viour [Dm] You are to [Dm7] me [G] All I could ever want you to [C] be [C] Eternal life [C7] is [Dm] your gift to [Dm7] me For[G]ever and ever together we'll [C] be [G] Beautiful Saviour, King of my [C] heart [Am] Never to [D7] leave me, never to [G] part [C] Gone are the cares [C7] of [Dm] life's busy [Dm7] run [G7] Beautiful Saviour, I know only [Am] one [Am/G] [F] Beautiful [C] Saviour, You're [Dm] God's [G] only [C] son [F] Beautiful [C] Saviour, You're [Dm] God's [G] only [C] son
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