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From: William L Kale <William_L_Kale@email.whirlpool.com>
Words and music: Bill Monroe
Performers: The Stanley Brothers
Transcribed by Brad Kale

A voice from on high

*capo 1st fret (chorus) C I hear a voice callin' F C it must be our Lord (it must be our Lord) G Its coming from heaven on high. C I hear a voice callin' F C I've gained a reward ( I've gained a reward) G C for the land where we never shall die. F C The saviour who di..ed, on cruel calvary G he shed his life blood that the world might be free. C F C So follow his footsteps, up the narrow way. G C and be ready to meet him when calls on that day. (to chorus) The saviour has paid a great price for me He gave his life on calvary. so follow his footsteps,up the narrow way. that'll pay my debt on the great judgement day. (to chorus) a_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htma_voice_from_on_high.htm From : Performer : Ricky Skaggs Album : Soldier of the Cross (1999) Words & music: Bill Monroe & Bessie Mauldin

A Voice From On High

E A E A E Chorus: E A E I hear a voice calling, it must be our Lord, It must be, it must be our Lord B It's coming from heaven on high E A E I hear a voice calling, I've gained the reward I've gained, I've gained the reward B E A E A E For the land where we never shall die A E The Saviour has paid a great price for me B He gave His life on Calvary E A E So I follow His footsteps up the narrow way B E A E And be ready to meet Him when He calls on that day Chorus He died on the cross, the old rugged cross That we would be saved from sin and not lost So I follow His footsteps up the narrow way That'll pay our debts on that Great Judgment Day Chorus
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