George Formby Song-book: You Can't Keep A Growing Lad Down-1934
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You Can't Keep A Growing Lad Down-1934
 Decca F5813 Gifford/Cliffe

In a drapers I started work. Quite thought that Id make good.
When a girl came in for some hose I simply blushed to the tip of my nose.
She showed me her ankle the saucy young miss.
But I went one better, I asked for a kiss.

Because you cant keep a growing lad down. Youth will have its fling.
I worked there a month, the money was poor.
But something seemed to tell me something better was in store.
I kept persevering at that drapers store in town.

I started in the basement it was dull I declare.
But worked my way up floor by floor and wouldnt despair.
I soon go to the top cause the girls sleep up there.
You cant keep growing lad down.

One day some knock at our door. Our knocker knocked such loud knocks.
I got scared all goosey I went through its the landlord called round for the rent.
I peeped thought the blinds saw a flapper. Oh gee!
I said to the wife you can leave this to me.

Because you cant keep a growing lad down youth will have its fling.
She smiled and then said in a she sort of tone
"Ive called to know what you can give towards the childrens home."
I felt embarrassed, acted like a silly clown.

I said, "We havent any children not even one
Were only new married, we have hardly begun.
But with the wife Ill talk it over and see want can be done."
You cant keep a growing lad down.

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