George Formby Song-book: Bell Bottom George
with lyrics and chords

A Complete(ish),George Formby Song-book also with PDF version for download.

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Bell Bottom George

Now[C] I can guess that some of you are [G7]wondering at my navy blues
Or [C]how I came to [F]be  oh a [C]sailor [G7]on the [C]sea.

[C]You may think that I'm too daft to [G7]know what's forward and which is aft, 
[C]But when I've sung my [F]song  Oh, you'll [C]all [G7]agree you're [C]wrong.

A [Dm]happy-go-[G7]lucky A.[C]B. on the [Dm]land [G7]or the [C]sea
I [Dm]know a few [G7]nautical [C]games and my [Dm]name's Bell [G7]Bottom [C]George

A [Dm]girl in each [G7]port may be [C]true of the [Dm]boys [G7]dressed in [C]blue, 
A [Dm]sailor I [G7]know has got [C]three and it's [Dm]me, Bell [G7]Bottom [C]George

It's the [Dm]same to me as we [C]sail to Tripoli or we [Dm]go back home to [C]Dover
I can [Dm]go ashore and have [C]one or two more till I'm [Dm]feeling half-seas-[G7]over.

Ad[Dm]ventures I've [G7]had by the [C]score, what a [Dm]life, [G7]what a [C]war.
If [Dm]ever you [G7]get in a [C]scrap I'm your [Dm]chap, Bell [G7]Bottom [C]George

When [Dm]others are [G7]up to their [C]necks pulling [Dm]ropes, [G7]scrubbing [C]decks, 
Who [Dm]slips on the [G7]soap and goes  [C]whiz  down on [Dm]his Bell [G7]Bottom [C]George.

The [Dm]Admiral's [G7]not a bad [C]guy, we get [Dm]on, [G7]he and [C]I, 
He[Dm]speaks when we [G7]meet on the [C]stair, "Gangway[Dm]there Bell [G7]Bottom [C]George."

And the [Dm]chief is [G7]grand so I [C]always lend a hand
With a [Dm]grin and a [G7]smart "Aye, Aye [C]Sir", 

And it's [Dm]fun by [G7]'gum' when I've [C]had a tot of rum, 
I'm the [Dm]champion main brace [G7]splicer.

I've [Dm]sailed the Dead [G7]Sea and the [C]Med, and the [Dm]Black [G7]and the [C]Red, 
There's [Dm]only the [G7]suck it and [C]see left for [Dm]me Bell [G7]Bottom [C]George.

Many thanks to Randy McSorley Kaukauna, Wisconsin, USA for the chord transcription for this one.
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