Traditional Folk Music - songs & tunes popular in the 60's folk revival

Songs and tunes with sheet music, lyrics, chords and midis

This songbook contains a collection of 80 popular folk songs with scores, lyrics and MIDIS. Many of these songs are ones that I can remember hearing around the London folk scene in the 60's, the rest where suggested various "folkie" friends as ones they remember as being popular during those days of the folk revival. The list of tunes/songs will take you to individual pages with the midi, lyrics and score for each piece.

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60s Folk Revival

FROM THE LATE 1950s through to early 1960s there was a popular revival of folk music both in the UK and the USA (and probably some other countries too). This was the era of the Protest Song, these protest songs (usually performed with just voice and guitar), were intended to inspired the nation and the world against racial segregation, military draft, McCarthyism, blacklists, censorship, the cold war. nuclear war, nuclear fallout, and similar themes. The sentiments expressed in these songs seemed to strike a chord with the younger generation and the their already growing antiestablishment feelings. Famous performers of this movement included Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Tom Rush, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Judy Collins, The New Lost City Ramblers and Peter, Paul & Mary.

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